CYCM Doncaster: Preview

CYCM Doncaster: Preview

The first Course You Can Malcolm in the new configuration of the space under the St Mary's Road End will take place this Saturday, ahead of the Doncaster game.  The CYCM volunteers are using this event to test out the new space, in particular turning the stage by 90 degrees, so that the band will be facing the audience - there's a novel idea. Hopefully this will improve the sound, too.  (And huge thanks to those committed CYCM supporters who have clubbed together over the last few weeks to fund the widening of one of the new classroom doorways, a process which has hugely improved the stage sightlines).


We're delighted to welcome as our band The Accident Group, whose Twitter account states that they offer 'no-win-no-fee rock & roll'.  And a passing musician, on viewing a video of them in action at:, described them as 'a head-on collision between Talking Heads and The Fall'.  The band have links both with FCUM and with Doncaster, so they're a dream ticket for Saturday; they actually wanted to play last season but we couldn't find a date that worked so it's great that we'll finally be welcoming them. Doors open at 1pm; the band's set will be at 2.15pm.  


As this is a 'test event', and several of the CYCM volunteers are away, there won't be a quiz, or the usual tater ash/cheese pies. Normal service will resume once the league season starts.  


Thanks to everyone who supported Course You Can Malcolm over the last season; particular thanks for the many generous donations which were used to buy all the pies, so that all proceeds from selling them could go to the club.  Collectively we raised £1150 last season - and that's without counting the boost in bar takings that Malcolmses brings...  So do come and get some beers in early doors, as well as helping the CYCM volunteers trial the new space, if you can on Saturday. Course You Can Malcoln - where love is the licensee.

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